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Even if you’re at the top of your field, your resume could probably use a tune up. Whether you’re a seasoned professional looking to switch roles or a senior executive hoping to tackle a new market, our team of professional writers can help you showcase your experience and responsibilities. Resume Pundit’s executive and manager resumes highlight strategic marketing, brand management, finance, operations, and product development.


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Executive or 15+ Years of Experience

Personalized Resumes

Crafted by lifelong HR professionals, our personalized CVs are designed to catch the eye of the decision makers looking at your resume. We pair you with a professional resume writer from your industry who understands how to navigate your field. From engineering and programming to dance and imaging, our team of expert CV writers know the ins and outs of every job market.

We find and highlight the unique skillsets you bring to the job market. Resume Pundit’s executive CV’s are angled towards growth and expansion, showing how our clients are ambitious go getters with a history of achievement.

The Ultimate Customer Service

We target our executive and manager resumes for each position you are applying for. We will write as many iterations of your CV as you need, and will even update your resume for the duration of your career for no additional fee. Our unparalleled personalized service and quick turnaround time makes us the best in the business.

Choose a professional resume writing service and give your CV a makeover today!