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Need an Executive Resume with keys on the most important areas of a wide reaching range of responsibility. Our executive resume highlights strategic marketing, brand management, finance, operations and product development. Our Executive Resume also mentions on other areas of expertise such as government contracting which will help target for any position that would heavily deal with government as a vendor. It is also focused on the bottom line by accentuating growth and expansion.


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Product Description

Moving on to the next level? ResumePundits Executive Resume Service and cover letter writing service can give a boost into your next career challenges.

We will go beyond qualifications in your executive job search and promote a memorable, competition outdistancing executive candidacy! Our EXPERT and highly certified resume writer will help you identify that distinction and translate it into a meaningful marketing message that surpasses qualifications and nets you a competitive edge.

That is ONE of the benefits that differentiates our executive resume writing service. The rest of our distinction is in the incisive manner we excavate and weave your executive brand and accomplishments into a resume and online presence that is as visually magnetic as it is content compelling.

Beyond certifications, awards, and success stories, our resume writer offers you triple-threat distinction, current subject matter expertise, and genuine commitment to your success! You can count on us to paint a picture of your full potential and carve a path toward career success through the following:

1. Persuasive content with a focus on differentiating you and offering palpable ROI value.Executive Resume Sample

2. Value-driving visual marketing that helps you soar above your competition. It does matter!

3. Positioning strategy. Key! Because they will only glance at your executive resume for a few seconds before they decide if they should keep reading.

Our Chief Executive Writer and Certified Career Management Coach will strategize beyond a traditional resume; We creates opportunities with a strategic marketing dossier that helps you navigate the modern and cross-continental executive job search landscape. We will help empower you from job hunt, through networking, to interviewing and negotiating six-figure (and above) salary offers. We have positioned executive clients and senior-level leaders for coveted positions at Fortune 50/100/500 corporations. Whatever your ‘next-level’ move, our executive resume writer will help you.