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Freelancer Resumes

Are you a creative entrepreneur looking to grow your freelance clientele? If so, you’ll want to make sure you have a resume that shows off your skills. Whether you’re a professional photographer or a freelance writer, you need an eye-catching resume that demonstrates your unique freelancing services.

More often, creative individuals with talent and passion are stepping away from their 9-to-5 jobs to pursue the freedom of freelancing. Of course, part of this trade includes diligently searching for new gigs. Finding one job is difficult enough, but finding work to fill your empty calendar, well, that takes skill — and a killer resume.

Expert Freelance Resume Writing

Great freelancer resumes demonstrate your skills and creative experiences in a professional manner. They’re interactive and allow you to show your previous projects and accomplishments to future clients. As a freelancer, you must remember to go beyond your resume and treat your new career as a business. You’re not looking for one job. Rather, you are looking to make an impression in the industry and bring in more revenue.

Creative resumes for freelancers often use a “pitch method” to replace the outdated objective statement. This tactic focuses more on the client’s needs. Remember, you’re a freelancer that sells services. Use this opportunity to show a prospective client what service you will provide them — not just how awesome you are or how much you know. This will work well with the portfolio of previous projects you may also offer a hiring manager.

Why Choose Resume Pundits’ Freelance Resume Writing Services?

At Resume Pundits, we pair our clients with professional writers who have experience working as freelancers, so they understand what’s needed in a freelancer’s resume. Our services are appropriate for photographers, writers, graphic designers, and more. Resume Pundits personalizes your resume to reflect your unique skills and perspective. Our team of professional writers will tailor your resume for any client after an in-depth, one-on-one interview.

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