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The Elements of a Great Cover Letter for Teachers

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Cover Letter

Cover Letter & Resume Preparation For Teachers

Ensuring proper resume preparation for teachers means knowing exactly what to include in your letter of intent, your CV, and the resume itself. At Resume Pundits, we have experience helping teachers and other education administrators find positions that suit their skills and help them advance their careers. Read on to learn more about resume preparation for teachers and essential cover letter help.

What to Include in Your Cover Letter

A cover letter should already be a personalized, custom piece of writing that introduces you and provides a brief elevator pitch without going into too much detail. Some of the most important elements of a cover letter include:

  • Personal Opening

Making sure you address a specific person is crucial in a good cover letter. Conduct some basic research to find the HR manager or highest person in the organization and address your letter to them. A generic opening “To Whom it May Concern” or “Dear [Insert School Name]” is distant, forgettable, and unapproachable. If you absolutely cannot find anyone to address the letter to, a simple “Greetings” should suffice.

  • Your Sales Pitch

While you’re obviously applying for a teaching position, tailoring your sales pitch for the specific requirements of the job makes a better impression. Whether you’re applying for a 1st Grade Classroom or a High School English Position, briefly highlight relevant experience that gives a sense of your personality and accomplishments. Keep it short though, as most people will only skim your cover letter for the most relevant information.

  • Benefits You Can Bring to the School

Once you’ve dealt with the specifics, it may be time to review what you can bring to the school in a broader sense. Do you have experience restructuring teaching curriculums or inspiring students in extracurricular activities? Discuss what you can do for the school as a whole.

  • Closing

Your closing is just as powerful as your opening. Instead of a one liner letting them know you look forward to hearing from them, expand your closing with an additional sentence or two to include what you hope to achieve with the school.

What to Include in Your Resume

When you’re starting your resume preparation for teaching positions, you should list out all your credentials, education, and relevant teaching experience, but you should also include any volunteer work, community groups, or organizations that you’re a part of to provide a comprehensive snapshot of who you are. Focus on accomplishments instead of simply listing your duties and use specific examples to highlight your successes.

While these are the broad strokes of cover letter help and resume preparation for teachers, reaching out to the team at Resume Pundits will ensure your resume stands out from the crowd. Talk to us today to learn more about our services.

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