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Cover Letter Tips for Federal Jobs

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Tips From Pro Federal Government Resume Writers
Applying for a federal job can be a daunting task. Hiring and recruitment processes in the federal government adhere to much stricter guidelines than their counterparts in the private sector. As is true for any industry, it’s important to customize your resume and cover letter to the specific job and agency to which you are applying. The cover letter and resume required for a federal job will be much more extensive due to the increased level of detail required. Read on for key cover letter tips from the professional federal government resume writers at Resume Pundits.

Become Familiar with the Government Agency

You should research all publicly available information and be intimately familiar with the mission of the agency, the work they do, and how your skill set can contribute to their overall success. Aside from the amazing career opportunity the agency can provide you, explain why you are personally driven to serve your country in this specific manner. At Resume Pundits, our team of federal government resume writers have extensive expertise in crafting resumes to meet the requirements of government agencies.

Emphasize Similar Experience

If you’ve completed an internship with another federal agency, especially in a similar role, emphasize this on your resume. Don’t be bashful about your contribution to the team. List specific projects and your individual contributions to these projects. You should also supply references from these projects.

Be Specific About Your Accomplishments

If you can, quantify your accomplishments with figures, money saved, tight budgets, and deadlines met. Anything that can give the reader a clear idea of your capabilities and the value you would bring to the agency will help your application. Our federal government resume writers at Resume Pundits are experts in the process of customizing your personal story to effectively navigate the federal government recruitment and hiring processes.

Incorporate Keywords

Parse the job description carefully for keywords and incorporate them into your cover letter. Be sure to use them in a natural and easy-to-read manner that won’t confuse the reader. Federal government cover letters are typically much more detailed than those required of the private sector, as they want specific examples of how you meet every single requirement listed in the job posting. Go through each keyword individually and state your relevant skills and knowledge. Our team of federal government resume writers takes immense pride in crafting highly effective custom cover letters to hit all the points a job posting requires.

Detail All Relevant Coursework

Federal government jobs often require very specific educational backgrounds. Carefully review all your coursework for relevance to the job posting and provide detailed explanations. From undergraduate to post-graduate work, meticulously outline the technical expertise you provided to each relevant project and their end-results. When explaining your projects, be sure to utilize the keywords obtained from the job posting.

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