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Best Resume References for Federal Positions

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When you’re applying to a federal position, your resume has some special requirements. While you may know about these requirements already, or you have a team of federal resume writers ready to help, do you know what the best resume references are for your future position? If you’re not sure, read on for advice from our professional federal government resume writers.

References Don’t Belong on Your Resume

Many people are surprised to learn that even the best resume references, don’t belong on your actual resume. If you have some very impressive references on your list that are incredibly relevant to the position, you always want to include them on a separate sheet. The days of including your references at the bottom of your resume are gone, and you no longer have to include that references are available upon request. Most hiring managers will assume they can contact you for references without it.

Our federal resume writers usually caution against including references entirely. In fact, references no longer hold as much weight as they used to in the job hiring world — referrals are the new tool used to weed out applicants. In 2017, referrals made up an average of 40% of new hires — even though they were only 6% of the total applicant pool.

Reference Etiquette

If you do decide to include references after your first interview with one of Resume Pundits’ professional federal government resume writers, there are some important rules to follow. Before listing anyone as a reference, you should reach out to them to let them know you’d like to list them. Ask them for the contact number and email they prefer to appear and thank them in advance for their help.

You may even want to give them an overview of the position you’re applying for to ensure they provide the most relevant information. If you win the position due to their efforts, a personalized thank you note is appropriate. You could also include a small gift if this is one of your best resume references that you have continued to use over the years.

Finding Out About Negative References

Sometimes, even those references you thought were good, turn out to give you negative feedback during calls with potential employers. Even the best federal resume writers can’t always help you against unknown criticism. If you’re worried that a reference may be giving you critical feedback, you can remove them from your list. You can also check on them by calling as a potential employer to hear what they have to say about you.

Keeping Only the Best Resume References

You want your resume and your references to highlight only the best of your skills and work ethic. Work with Resume Pundits’ federal resume writers to ensure your resume looks and sounds great. For more advice about your references, talk to us today!

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