Additional Features

Interview Tips & Salary Negotiation Advice

At Resume Pundits, we know that landing a job is all about being the whole package, so we provide comprehensive career advice to ensure you put your best foot forward. Your resume and cover letter are just the first step — once you’ve impressed the hiring manager with your professional portfolio, you still have to dazzle them in the interview and make smart moves during salary negotiations.

Additional Services

Resume Pundits is with you every step of the way. After we provide you with a professional cover letter and resume, we also offer continuing career advice including:

  • Interview Tips
  • Salary Negotiation Tips
  • Free Resume Edits*
  • Multiple Targeted Versions of Your Resume

At Resume Pundits, our professional CV writers build your resume from scratch, highlighting the skills and experience that make you a unique candidate. We also make multiple iterations of your CV and cover letter, tailoring them to each specific position you apply to.

Our team is made up of former recruiters and HR professionals, so we can give you insider advice that ensure you succeed. We’re here to coach you through your interview and teach you what to say during salary negotiations.

Exceptional Customer Service

From interview tips to helping you craft the perfect cover letter, customer satisfaction at Resume Pundits is guaranteed. Resume Pundits wants to help you level up your career. Explore our additional services today.

*We are only providing unlimited resume edits to individuals who purchase our services within the next 6 months. Sign up today to enjoy this premium service.